Artemis stood he put himself between Lyra and the rabbit creature. She was unwilling to allow anything to hurt Lyra. He was a bit more tense then usual for him though that was likely do to the events of the other day with Severos.

“ friends always make life more fun” Lyra said to Ursa. She she and Artemis moved to follow Darai back to waterfall.

“ it’s always nice to see you Priestess Darai. We do have a gest in the temple His Name is Severos he’s a mage who had some misfortune with some kind of magic. It’s caused some damage to his mind both Nadia and I use are magic to try and help him. I would prefer he stay where I can keep an eye on him. He’s not quiet herself yet and there seems to still be some damage to his subconscious. “ she said with a smile.

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