Big Trouble

Throwing his shovel down and spitting on the dirt, Thromgin looked to Erik with yet another scowl.
“I’m going home. Today brother, it be best if you take your time.”
Tromping away, the grumbling and curses were heard long after he vanished from sight.
Finally looking away from the direction he left, Erik looked to Amelia.
“Whoever she was, this needs to remain hidden. If you are returning to town, I would journey with you. I have worn Thromgin’s patience thin this week.”
Leaving all talk about the box behind, the giant looked to the charred and half buried remains of the kobolds.
“Tell me, did you see another when we saved you? There was a warrior that aided us.”
Whoever the man was, he had apparently vanished with no trace as to where he went.

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