Accidental meeting

Jocelyn walked down the cobble stone street, her shoes clacking on the stones. Her legs not moving very far from their position her legs constricted by her fancy skirt as she carried the heavy load of fabric rolls in her arms. She'd not expected to have to do this herself. Her view obscured by the reams of cloth. Her heels making a light tap tap tap on the stone but she didn't notice the man coming into the cross section between two streets. Though she didn't run into them directly the roll hit him, and the jolt caused her to stumble side ways. Her steps sounding more like a baby deer on the stone work then a person. The fall was only a momentary blink but to Jocelyn it felt like it was in slow motion.

With a light thud she hit the still morning dew wet ground, "Ow." she said from the cold ground. "What did I hit." she groaned and looked up to see a man staring back at her.

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