Stormy Start

Horo ignored the foul weather, his thoughts still on the young mage. The lad had said he dared not tap into the power within the amber pendant by himself. Did that mean there might be someone else in the village they could call upon, an elder wizard with the skills and knowledge needed to free Orla? He knew the task would likely require necromantic knowledge, a field of magic that was outlawed and forbidden in most lands ever since the days of Kelmoran.

As the rain fell harder, he took in the building that was a bit off the beaten track. It looked like some kind of tenement. He again wondered why the peasant woman would have invited two complete strangers here out of the storm. In Dalen and Verden few went out of their way for anyone unless there was something in it for them, and for all she knew they were a couple of axe murderers. The mage sounded a bit Aelmereian in his accent too, and hadn't this area of Sarnia just been at war with Aelmere? Was she so lonely and desperate for company to be so undiscriminating? That was doubtful, but despite everything he somehow didn't think she was luring them into a trap.

Horo's long grey hair and his clothes seemed no worse than before the storm as he came up beside the shorter man, dripping from the rain just before they entered. "If you can really help restore my friend to life, I will be indebted to you forever," he said, leaning down to be heard over the downpour. He smiled and slipped his hands in his pockets. "As I told the woman already, the name is Horo Inu. I don't think I caught your name...?"

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