Good Moods & Bad Tastes


To him, it was a glorious morning worthy of a nice meal from the Goat, but to him, any morning was good so long as he lived another day. As he walked his eyes fell to the horizon, the hills, grass, mountains, and sky Sarala loved so much. He silently prayed she'd make it back because in all their time exploring, no task rubbed him the wrong way like this one did. Integrating herself so quickly into another adventure, this time without him. To be honest, he was getting a tad jealous, something he'd never admit. She was family not by blood but association and he would do everything in his power to protect that. No mortal man would ever st--
While his eyes wandered elsewhere another wandered right into him.

With a light thud she hit the still morning dew wet ground, "Ow." she said from the cold ground. "What did I hit."

Rhys looked to the woman on the ground with fabrics scattered at his feet. In an instant he knelt, holding out his hand to her in gesture. "Ah, dearest apologies, lovely girl. You alright? It seems my attention was turned elsewhere," he eyed her a moment. "But now it is turned toward you." He smiled and gave a bow of his head.

He was indeed in a very good mood.

[Outside Warfall]

It had been a long, rough silence because she sought no communication with either. A common thing. But someone of the Black Order showing up around here? It likely was of no concern but it didn't stop Darai from worrying.

"What brings you here, Blacksong? Would've thought Warfall left a bad taste in your mouth."

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