All roads return home one day

An odd turn of phrase to be sure but likely a projection of the Gnome Priestess unspoken feelings rather than an observation of her own. Ursa smile shaking her head.

" There are far worse places than Warfall in this world and for good or ill nor how long and far I have travelled this place will always be home to me." Ursa offered thoughtfully. " This said I am done with all that … The War is done and the leadership of New Church has made it clear that it no longer has need of me or my kind nor do we have need of it. I am content to be the anachronism I am and as they have said … fade away."

Ursa noted than the smell of smoke and the sound of voices as they drew near to the settlement.

" One final task remains." Ursa offered than she noted searching through her pack for the package she carried." I had been asked by the High Priest in the capital to bring official correspondence to the temple of Warfall. Please do not think me rude but I would prefer to give them to you now and wish you good day rather that trouble you later with so small a matter."

She had only just recovered the bundle baring the official church seal when the sound of thunder rolled across the highlands.

" Sounds like a storm is coming. " Ursa noted off hand.


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