((The Blackwood House, Warfall))

They nearly made it before the heavens finally opened up in earnest, drenching them instantly. Still, they made their way with acceptance.

Severos heard Horo, but barely over the rain. It made the chest a treat to hold, slipping so little but becoming even more awkward. He managed to say, "Severos... Severos Aven, Journeyman of the Miekrannis College... Or, was," he finished somberly, his voice fading to rain. It did not last long as they finally reached the abode of the lady Rose.

They dripped upon the wooden floors, the mage huffing a final heave to the ground with the chest. He shook himself slightly, sighing at being so wet in his clothes. So he thought of what spells he could use, digging around within his mind for something appropriate. It took him a moment, his gaze lost in that time. Finally, he realized his spell. It was simple but effective, making his body and belongings heavily resistant to water. With a small splash, his Transmutation spell pushed the water off with one burst.

He looked down, surprised. He wasn't expecting such a thing to be that much in volume from him. Severos turned to the others. "Just a moment," he said, raising his right hand in a casual gesture. His fore and middle fingers were extended and together, his spell once more sweeping up. This time, water dropped from both in the same fashion.

His brow pinched slightly, now exerting a bit as he gathered the water in his spell. He now altered it by looping in another spell, now Evocation in Weave. Young Aven kept a casual posture though as he opened the door again, the water suddenly bounding out in a single, coiled leap with a slow gesture of his hand.

He turned back to the two. "Apologies! But I didn't mean to make a mess. Though, I must say that cantrip doesn't help with the chill."

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