Welcome to the Blackwood House for Widows and Orphans

"Wow, that was amazing … "

A young child's voice sounded from the balcony above them. An upwards glance finding not just one child but nearly two dozen of them seated or standing at the rail staring down at the storm drenched trio. Though one clearly no longer as drenched as they had been the moment before.

There was a long awkward silence before Rose spoke.

" It's not polite to stare children … " She announced." These are our guests, so what do we say? "

" Welcome, honored guests." A majority of the children said more or less at the same time.

Rose nodded her approval." Peter and Paul, fetch some wood for the fire please. Hannah and Flora please be so kind as to make two of the patron guest rooms ready for our friends." She paused. " Has everyone eaten already ?"

A collective yes was the answer that came from the balcony.

Rose nodded her approval. " Then to your rooms please we'll go without lessons tonight. And I'll not have you all underfoot or bothering our guests with senseless chatter while they're eating so away with you."

Rose than motioned to one of the older girls." Molly tell Goodwife Marygold that we'll be having guests for dinner please."

Returning her attention to the pair she bowed politely. " I welcome you friends to The Blackwood house for Widows and Orphans. Please be seated … Would you care for some tea with your meal ? "


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