Welcoming Host

"Severos... Severos Aven, Journeyman of the Miekrannis College... Or, was..."

Horo nodded grimly, having learned about the university's fiery destruction in snatches of conversation heard on the road. He had not given the tragedy much thought, totally concentrated as he was on not losing the trail of the undead thrall that he had pursued through the rugged Sarnian wilderness, relentlessly but very carefully so as not to give away his presence to its dangerous master.

Standing back in the foyer, Horo watched interestedly as Severos performed the elaborate spellwork. He then smiled, impressed— especially once the collected rainwater was finally sent jetting out the door. He glanced at Rose to catch her reaction and then grinned as all the ragamuffins suddenly appeared, and just in time to see the spectacle. So that's what this place must be, an orphanage of some kind. He wondered if Severos would be so good as to perform a few more amazing tricks for the children's entertainment?

Horo was no stranger to witnessing magic, having lived in Dalen for many years where he had seen many different types of mages and wizards. From Count Chiren Soldor to Orla. He could tell Severos was a real artist, crafting his web of magic with practical flourishes, and casually producing the most sublime effects. The lad likely had the potential to be as good as it gets, but was he good enough now to restore Orla to the world?

Horo rested his hands in his pockets as anxious hope filled his heart. It was rare he thought of little anything else any more. He had become obsessed about it.

"I welcome you friends to The Blackwood house for Widows and Orphans," Rose told them. "Please be seated … Would you care for some tea with your meal?"

"I'd enjoy both, and I thank you for your hospitality," Horo replied, smiling warmly to her. "I'm not often greeted so welcomingly in my travels. This is unexpected, but very appreciated. "

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