Hospitality, Tea, And Origins

"I welcome you friends to The Blackwood House for Widows and Orphans," Rose told them. "Please be seated … Would you care for some tea with your meal?"

"I'd enjoy both, and I thank you for your hospitality," Horo replied, smiling warmly to her. "I'm not often greeted so welcomingly in my travels. This is unexpected, but very appreciated."

"Yes, tea would be greatly appreciated, my lady," said Severos to Rose. "Thank you, Madam Blackwood."

The hospitality was nice after having distrustful glances thrown his way the past couple of days. He seated himself with Horo in a nearby alcove, sighing with comfort as he say upon the chair. The children and widows, as Rose had put it, were scrambling about with things to do. The hubbub of the place was strangely relaxing to him, reminding him of his novice days at the College.

He pushed that thought away, lest it give in to sad thoughts. He looked to Horo, hand reaching to the middle of the table. In his open hand, he willed the appearance of the amulet into reality, the Illusion spell quickly and precisely wove.

"So," he started. " You seek this Orla. Yet you haven't explained to me how this Orla was trapped in here, nor this person who owned that ghoul and his ties to this. I sense there is much to do if we are successful, I am not one to use the Art without details. You seem to be a man who has seen a great deal, any information on the spells used will help in our attempts, " he finished as Rose returned with steaming cups of tea.

He took a sip, enjoying the taste. "Ah, well brewed, Lady Blackwood!" he commended.

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