On the subject of Curses

" Just Rose is fine please..." She offered pressing the tray she held to her breast examining the illusionary pendant on the tabletop with a mild passing interest. " Blackwood is just the name of the house named in honor of someone I never met."

She paused than thoughtfully. " I know its not my business ... but if its cursed you both would be best served seeking out a member of the Black Order to deal with it." She offered.

" Curses and the like are what they deal with after all. Odd really, I'd just heard news of one just today in a fishing village not to far south of Warfall while I was at the Tavern today. There really isn't many left after the church offically dissolving the Order, but if its a curse you need handled they'd know more than most on the subject."

" You could ... "

She stopped herself short than realising she didn't have leave nor means to offer access to the bedroom and study upstairs where the members of the Black Order stayed when they visited... and where they had left all manner of books and relics that might prove helpful to the pair.

Thankfully the rooms were warded and required a member of the Black Order to gain access so one could not simply open the door and walk in and disturb things resting there.


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