At Tales End

Rose listened offering to refill cups as they were made empty and set out bowls of stew and bread when Goodwife Marygold brought them from the kitchen but in the end could only enjoy the story in so far as history was not really a subject one was taught in the orphanage so the names and places held no real meaning for her.

Still the story held the ring of the romantic tellings that she did so enjoy holding her attention the length of it until tales end.

Briefly her thoughts turned to collecting the used dishes and utensils to be taken away to the kitchen when the one named Severos sat upright focused on some detail that had escaped her notice.

"Kel-Kelmoran?" he asked, voice catching. "Kelmoran devised the... His spell?" There was an acknowledgement and than suddenly pale as death the youth fled the room into the rain.

She looked on for a moment uncertain as to what should be done and then rose to her feet moving towards the open door collecting her cloak from the hook. " I'll should go get him … " she spoke softly. " The story has stirred painful memories it seems."


Severos hadn't gone all that far really a dozen or so paces from the door into the rain and darkness of this late hour. Her gaze drifting skyward at the sound of distant thunder.

Rose couldn't help but frown in disappointment at her own stupidity and ignorance more than anything else. If she was perhaps smarter or more worldly she might know the answer or have sense enough to ask the right questions but she was not so all she could do was wait and stand watch until the young Wizard came again to himself.


OOC - Sorry, I completely missed that last part there. For some reason I thought it was part of the story...

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