A Helping Hand

Sevoros suddenly lunged from the table, sending a chair toppling. Horo looked at him with a confused expression as the door burst open, echoed by a clap of thunder. Horo gently placed the tea cup on the saucer and stood up. “Pardon me for a moment,” he said to Rose, picking up the chair and righting it before following Severos outside and back into the downpour. He found the young mage a pitiful sight, as he lay in the mud. Horo stepped over the bigger puddles and when he reached the boy placed a comforting hand on his sodden shoulder. “I can tell that something I have said obviously upset you, but please come back inside. You’ll catch your death in this weather.” Horo offered a helping hand up. “I do not wish to put you in a state like this again. So I will need to know what the problem with what I said was. It seems you have a story to tell me.”

Horo took the young mage’s hand and pulled him from the mud. “I don’t know much about magic but I do know a mage’s fear is usually well placed."Tell you what. If you confide in me what the trouble is, and in return, I'll show you a few somethings that might interest a mage such as yourself. I don’t have them on my person, however, and will have to take you to them.” Horo said walking with him back into House Blackwood.

“Now, may I please see the pendent? The real one not the little image you did of it.” Horo asked. “I couldn’t make it out of here with it even if I wanted to,” he assured Severos. “You could just do to me what you did to that ghoul if I try to run. Sound fair?”

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