A Dark Happenstance Pt 3

"It does seem to be happenstance with the coincidence, but no sir, the Mortith was not in the open to grab. I trekked to the inner libraries to save as much knowledge as I could," spoke Severos after a few breaths, the name Kelmoran making him dizzy again.

He thought for a moment, deciding if he should tell him of what lay within those pages. Just then Rose spoke, sounding like she was speaking to herself. "In the Tavern today … " she spoke softly. "There was talk and I didn't dare to hope but maybe our encounter today in the wood. Maybe I am only the doorway to a future meeting with one who can help you."

Severos stopped his thought. Perhaps there was a hand pulling the strings of fate. He turned to Rose. "There is a possibility. Perhaps we are all playing to our fates. And just maybe," he said to her with a serious voice. "Maybe you are the catalyst for change. We will not know until we reach the end."

He turned back to Horo, his mind decided. "There is more. You are indeed correct, somewhat. But whoever is Ceriden, he is nothing compared to Kelmoran. The lich... He lives still, within his tome," he finished.

Severos twisted his fingers, illusions coalescing into being of a sphinx. "Phronesis, Lord of the Land, has the Mortith. It is but a few pages now, but it was his anti-magic that revealed the true content inside. His soul."

There was a silence that ended with a question from Rose. "His soul... A lich is made from stripping one's own soul, one's own being, from themselves and placing it in a specially made and enchanted vessel of some sort. It can be something innocent, like a ring, or cup... A book," Severos answered with a glance to Horo, who now paid great attention. "A lich can be killed only by destroying the phylactery, as it is called. Otherwise, given time and enough power, his mortal body will reform from death. I learned this when he... He... He possessed me... This Ceriden must not get the Mortith, nor this pendant if he is an agent of the lich."

With that, he turned his attention to the pendant. "Perhaps this Orla can assist us in finally vanquishing him." With the final word, he looked Horo in the eyes. "I refuse to let a monster like him back into the world, no matter what."

He stood then, calmly this time. "Miss," he said to Rose. "Is there someplace quiet I can meditate?"

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