A Word of Warning.

"Miss, Is there someplace quiet I can meditate?" He asked.

Rose was still trying to grasp everything that had been said up to this point but nodded offering a warm smile. " Of course … of course I had the girls prepared the patrons guest rooms for you both in case you needed them this evening."

Rose motioned them both to follow pausing just long enough to collect a lantern from the table to light the way.

The Inn's old guest rooms were connected to the common room the four on the main floor for Widows and their children and the four rooms on the second floor divided between the older and younger girls and the same for the older and younger boys.

The Patron rooms however were located above the kitchen a small corridor with two doors left and right and a final door at the end of the hall.

" These are mine and Goodwife Marygolds rooms." Rose motioned to the two doors on the left. " And these are yours for this evening."

Roses gaze drifted briefly to the last door feeling the The Black Orders Wards pushing her to look away.

" I should perhaps explain… " Rose offered trying to not look at the door itself." Blackwood was and remains under the patronage of the Black Order and this building and the surrounding lands are still owned by one of its members. That door leads to her private Study and Bedroom and though she herself has never had the chance to visit since I was gifted stewardship of these properties by her. Other members do come from time to time and often use those rooms to conduct Order business. The door however is warded and I would ask you not try to access them as the experience can be most unpleasant if you try to enter uninvited.


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