Strange Greetings

[Near Stonehall]

The group stood at attention as the man spoke. His accent was a dead giveaway. Aelmerian. Weapons master or not, he wasn't in a good place at a good time and was outnumbered. It hadn't been long enough since the war and honestly it wasn't that shocking to see an upset enemy across the line. The border was near but Sarnia could only do so much. Tension permeated the air.

"What brings you here, weapon's master?" Kain asked sternly, hand firm on his sword hilt.

He raised his head slightly, the deep cowl still throwing shadow over his face. Within it, Jeke raised both eyebrows. "If you want a fight, then you are choosing wrong. I do not wish to descend to aggression unless I must," he said slowly.

The others gripped their weapons tightly. He sighed. "Do you truly wish a fight with me? When did the fair land of Sarnia fail to greet a kind stranger with an ale?"

Sarala spoke up in her strange accent to try and ease things. "Wouldn't giving ale to just anyone be dangerous? I mean, think of all the drunken swordsmen completely stuttering out of their wits! As if people can't be buggers enough without it. We'd rather avoid aggression and we can do so if we state our names and purposes, carry on with our day." She put on a pleasing smile to the man, and her hands had never approached her swords once. 

"I'm Sarala and we're investigating reports of dangers up in this area, so you must pardon our...defensive nature. What of you? What brings a Weapons Master so near the border?" The adventurer had made her way to the front and held out a confident hand to the man, Crow eyeing him warily from her shoulder. 

If they wanted to avoid making enemies such as he, the best route was honesty. Of course, they didn't need details unless he provided them. There was no shame in what they were doing and if this man truly meant well he'd have none either.

"Careful, he's from Aelmere," Tei'ron muttered a warning though Sarala never faltered. Not once had she seen Aelmere or met its people and she would not give up this chance, especially not someone with such unique a skill! Given she didn't know much about politics of Sarnia and its neighbors well, she couldn't understand the possible danger of her actions. However they didn't always need to be angry, brooding warriors.

Jeke accepted it with a returning smile, raising a hand to pull back the cowl. "The calling of assistance from your neighbors," he answered. "Dalefall has been attacked recently, a creature that struck the town at night without warning and quickly making away with livestock, it seemed."

It was indeed true, even though he suspected at the damage what the monster was. And he did know how to beat it, just that it would probably hurt a lot and take some effort.

With a firm ending shake, Sarala and Jeke separated. "And as for me, I don't quite agree, sir. I know not where I was born but I have spent many a day in Aelmere," he said to the elf. Then he looked closer and said, "Na- i tye, Tei'ron? Care- tye vamme enyal- me?"

The elf looked a bit confused and Jeke spoke again. "We met at the battle of Holden's Crag. It was by the river, as the arrows came down around us into bulwark. You had just pulled a young boy, probably no more older than ten-and-eight, into the cover even though there was barely any room. He asked if he was going to make it. Do you remember what you said?"

There was silence, punctured only by the heavy sound of thunder. The first fat drops smacked at the leaves in a quiet applause. Then, the Weapons Master spoke.

"'By all that is light and all that is good, if you try hard to live then you will live the greatest life.' And he did. He did..." Jeke finished. He turned to Sarala. "I venture a guess that you all are here to take care of what plagues this land. Perhaps you will need help against this enemy."

Out of the corner of her eye she saw Glasgoh release his sword, his brother lowered his bow, and Tei'ron eased a little more. Kain and the soldiers were still hesitant as expected.

"We could use the muscle. We don't know what we are dealing with," Glasgoh reasoned.

It was another rain filled moment before anyone spoke and Tei'ron broke it with his remembrance. "Then let us be on our way. This man is no threat to us now. This is Jeke Kerron."

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