Knives and Knocks

'Knives sharpened? I always did that myself. Truth be told I have managed to wear them down a fair bit over the last couple of years. Keep meaning to visit the blacksmith to see if I can get some new ones. Haven't seen him around for a bit though. Otherwise I need to visit Jinerev. He's a merchant here in Warfall that sometimes has useful items. Used to be a soldier I hear so he should know his knives. Problem is he always charges a high price. So I just keep using what I have. Sometimes to my detriment' Mikail adds ruefully, showing Shel an old, ugly scar on his thumb.

'So I can give your knives a look if you want but there probably is someone better suited around. I suppose Bourbon would know.' Not for the first time this morning an idea pops into his head. "I wonder. You know good knives don't you? Would you want to talk to Jinerev for me? He is less likely to extort a price from someone who knows what they are looking at. Maybe."

But then Mikail and Shel arrived at the 'Honest Knock' and Mikail rubs his hand gleefully.

"This is it. My bakery. Its not much but I am hopeful that we become a hub of activity."

'Not much' was a bit of an understatement. From the front it appears a squat, two storey building with a sloping thatched roof. Ivy and vines crawl up the stone exterior seeking any cracks to worm into. A broad chimney rises from the back, already smoking at this hour. The most noticable thing about the building though, that distinguishes it from any other building the pair passed on there way through the village, is the strong aroma of baked bread that sprawls forth, enveloping any approaching in a warming fugue.

Stepping through the doorway reveals the shop's saleroom. A long counter splits the room in half, with currently bare shelves behind it, speckled with flour. A couple of small tables sit on this side of the counter, but otherwise the room is barren.

"So I can take you back, show you the ovens and introduce you to the rudimentals of bread? Or I am meant to pick up some flour later on - we can go do that now. Or do you want some sharp knives first?" Mikail enquires, his enthusiasm waning as he progress through his list.

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