Kobold Nights

Bourbon was mixing a few drinks at the counter when he noticed the woman walk in. A sort of dark feeling seeped from her into Bourbons mind. Not a bad feeling, just that she was different, and strange. Politely though, he walked over to the counter where she sat, and listened to her order.

Once she ordered, he walked back, and began preparing. Once he finished, he headed back over, and decided to engage in small talk. Always a respectful thing to do.

"The names Bourbon, I don't seem to recognize ya, what may your name be?" He asked, as he heard the door swing open to a group of the kobold miners.

(OOC-The many typos and misspellings you will see are intentional, since the kobolds speak in broken english. If you do want to write for a kobold citizen, preferably use some sort of brokenness in the conversation. Unless you have valid reasons. Just to keep with their culture. Thanks :D)

Moments Earlier

"Lest goo everone. It wet wet out heer." Called a younger kobold, probably in his twenties.

This was followed by a few jeers and groans from the rest of the kobolds. A couple walked slowly, savoring the cold water on their skin after a hot hard day of work. However, most of them had their fill of the weather, and just wanted to be under some sort of ceiling, even if it wasn't stone. There were ten in total, nearly a third of the usual Kobold night flock, but still a lot nonetheless. Even still, kobold night has grown to be more popular, especially with them breeding like rabbits. As they arrived at the doorway, they began to cheer. The oldest kobold was given the honors of opening the door, a right passed down tradition. As he walked in, the others followed.

As they entered and grabbed their seats, they began chatting about the day.

"Halled a lotta stone dis day."

"Yah, well we fawnd a gold vain."

"Haw beeeg was eet?"

"Jussa lil wun"

As they sat at the round table in a back corner, Jillian strode over with a smile.

"Third time this week you visited, welcome back." She commented politely.

"Ayy, we like da drinks." Chuckled the older kobold.

"Annnn dat Dragons Blood Ale." Commented another, who was missing an arm. Although Jillian knew the story there, mining gone wrong...

"But if er wernt watery oot, we wolda ad a bunch merr. Still, drinks er drinks."

"Glad to hear," she commented. "What can I get you all today?"

She took down all the orders quickly, she smiled respectfully. Afterwards she walked behind the bar counter, stood by Bourbon, and whispered.

"I think we should hire a couple more barmaid, or even another bartender. The kobolds have been coming in way more, with a lot more kobolds. And with all these travellers, business is growing."

Bourbon nodded as she spoke, taking in the points. He patted her on the shoulder and nodded in agreement.

"Maybe I can work on a sign, and talk to the town crier. But I like the idea." Replied Bourbon with a smile, as he turned back to Ursa to hear what her answer was to the earlier question of who she was.

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