Taverns And Kobolds

" The names Bourbon, I don't seem to recognize ya, what may your name be?" He asked ... "

" Ursa ... " She had offered about to extend her hand in greeting just as the arrival of the merry band of Kobold miners. Who could be heard chattering well before they came marching thru the doors to the Tavern.

Hers was a mild interest as they crossed the common room and gathered at a table in the back chattering away in their bird like sing song voices about this and that.

Often enough her dealing with Kobolds were on not so friendly terms but she felt no ill will to the creatures given she'd been just 9 years old when the first of them had arrived in Warfall.

" The Juggler ? " Ursa smiled recalling that small detail about the large man who had brought her meal. " I remember you once tried to teach me and Myrell how when I was much much smaller ... "

She collected her drink enjoying the warmth of it in her hands. A brief frown touching her lips as she recalled that most common folk had an aversion to her hands given all the psalms and arcane symbols she'd had tattooed upon them that made recalling the requirements of certain prayers and spells easier.

" Ursa friend... " She offered than thoughtfully. " Ursa Blacksong. "

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