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"A lich can be killed only by destroying the phylactery, as it is called. Otherwise, given time and enough power, his mortal body will reform from death. I learned this when he... He... He possessed me... This Ceriden must not get the Mortith, nor this pendant if he is an agent of the lich.

Horo nodded, "I know a fair deal about them yes, I had a friend she was a necromancer, though not by choice and never used her powers for ill. In fact she did a great deal of good with them and allowing spirits to rest and their families to get closure." he said

With that, he turned his attention to the pendant. "Perhaps this Orla can assist us in finally vanquishing him." With the final word, he looked Horo in the eyes. "I refuse to let a monster like him back into the world, no matter what."

"I don't know if she will be the kind of help you are hoping for, though you will be welcome to attempt to convince her. Orla, is a pacifist by nature. Though you will be free to speak to her about your worries."


"Again I would like to thank you for your hospitality." Horo said to Rose before rising to follow her to the guest room. Running a finger along the walls, and mumbling to himself.

"Once you have some time I would like to learn about this order. Despite my long life I know very little about the actual history of this area." Horo explained.

Other members do come from time to time and often use those rooms to conduct Order business. The door however is warded and I would ask you not try to access them as the experience can be most unpleasant if you try to enter uninvited.

"I will keep to my room but Ms Rose, I do not wish to alarm you but your wards wouldn't keep me out. Though I respect your warning and will not like my curiosity get the better of me."

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