Onwards... Pt 1

Nearing Stonehall

With a nod to the rest of his group, Kain watched the weapons master, snaring his attention like a wolf to a rabbit. He quickly looked up the road, and called on the group.

"We march to Stonehall, and we should be there within the hour!" He called as he watched the forest for any signs of whatever dwelled in the halls.

The two surviving soldiers followed him along, and the rest joined suit. With his leadership, he hoped they would succeed, because he was clueless on what they could do if he didn't. And if it was truly a dragon, the flames will be tainted with blood.

Crow studied the man, but was rustled as Sarala began to walk onwards with the group. He lowered his head next to her ears, and before whispering, checked if the newcomer was listening.

"Wasn't Aelmere the place us Sarnians fought against?" Questioned crow.

With a quick shrug, Sarala gave her answer, and Crow nuzzled onto her shoulder, watching as the trees slowly passed by. The mountain was getting steeper, and the path narrower. Soon enough though, they were faced with a large staircase, carved out of the mountain. Which climbed higher into the hill. They were there, but the true adventure has only just begun.

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