Onwards... Pt2

((Stonehall Territory, Sarnia))

"We march to Stonehall, and we should be there within the hour!" Kain called out, the group marching with purpose. Jeke stepped with assurance, whistling once to call his horse. After a minute or two, Barrel appeared. Jeke took the reins and led the onwards. He could feel eyes on him, mistrust still there. Enough bad blood was had between the two lands, he supposed it would be a while.

"Wasn't Aelmere the place us Sarnians fought against?" Questioned crow, quietly. There was no response to that, to which Jeke gave his. "Indeed," he replied. "Though, it was a war of misunderstanding. I thought crows could only screech 'corn'?" He asked the crow.

"There is no misunderstanding their invasion," spoke a soldier. "Just as an Aelmerian would say, not telling the truth!"

The Weapons Master turned only slightly in his walk to better see the soldier. "I tell you now, I am not Aelmerian. And truth I speak, for I fought both sides of that war and heard both. It was indeed a misunderstanding between kingdoms. Bandits had surged out of these lands and into Aelmere. When the king declared no more, he sought to end the bands of vagabonds. Of course, Sarnians such as you did not see their army as a boon. If the king had listened as readily to his high priest as he did his generals, there would have been more talks, more cooperation."

The soldier snorted as lightning flashed and the rain came as hard as the thunder. It made for miserable walking, even with cloaks and the cover of trees.

Barrel made a noise, Jeke coming to a stop. He started to ask his mount the direction when the horse suddenly reared with a neigh, eyes wide with fear. "Easy! Easy!" Jeke called, hand reaching for his broad neck. It was then that he realized that thunder was rumbling with no lightning. He looked up but saw only the tops of trees. Barrel, sensing something he could not, bolted out away from the group. Poor Kerron was nearly yanked off his feet as the reins tore free.

"Everyone down!" He called, crouching low. He grabbed Sarala by the shoulder as he did so, guiding her down.

There was a clap of thunder and a swoosh! above them. Something large passed overhead in a hurry, the trees suddenly swerving with wind. After a moment, Jeke stood slowly. "We must be nearing Stonehall," he said. He turned to others. "Do you know what you are up against?"

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