Fortress of the Mind - Part 04

Brightening a bit, misinterpreting that the elf was a fellow worshipper of Fernoia, Orla spoke reverently, "We are not owed anything by Her, but at the same time, I know She would never abandon me without good cause..."

Orla left it there, deciding not to mention she was an intimate of Fernoia's material Avatar, and it was not entirely blind unquestioned faith so much as the expected loyalty to a close disciple that made her trust in the Goddess, whose absence was profoundly painful and made her feel so alone. She perked up a little more as the girl introduced herself.

"How do you do, Ursa Blacksong," Orla said, inclining her head graciously. "I am very pleased to make your acquaintance, though it goes without saying I'd have preferred to under far more agreeable circumstances than this. I am called Orlaith Carling, of Verden, but everyone just calls me Orla–or at least they used to. As for Galathus, I don't know if he would still answer to that name. He changed much since I knew him during his bygone days as a magic student in the Skeldergate forest. I fear he has completely shed whatever humanity he once possessed, if that is indeed him." She glanced furtively toward where the Lich sat upon his throne.

Ursa nodded. " Well met friend Orlaith Carling. If there was better drink to be had I'd offer but sadly our choices here are at best limited and truthfully I'd rather not drink anything they'd serve here anyways."

Orla looked into the befouled goblet closest to her and cringed.

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