Something In the Dark

With guests in their rooms Rose turned her attentions to want needed doing before she put herself to bed for the night.

As was her nightly ritual Rose checked the main door to confirm that the bolt was firmly in place before taking the balcony stairs to check and make sure all her charges were accounted for and in their proper beds for the night.

Then came the dishes which she quickly cleaned and dried before putting them away for the night.

It was only then as she attended to the dishes that her mind was allowed to wander briefly from one subject to another.

" … "

" Hmmm ? " Rose found herself drawn again to the moment wondering briefly if someone had just called her name.

She listened carefully for a moment before feeling silly when no one appeared and nothing further was heard. Only the constant sound of the rain and the rumble of distant thunder.

Sighing she placed the last dish in cupboard and collected the lamp from its hook making her way back into the common room where she found the main door was open swinging freely in the wind.

Rose could not help but pause than certain that she'd had checked the door earlier. Then sighing her annoyance as she crossed the room intent upon closing and locking it a it again only to stop short when a cold creeping fear took hold as did the realization that something lay in the darkness beyond the doorway watching her.

Summoning what strength of will she could manage she quickly closed the door sliding the bolt once more into place, but even with the door closed she remained certain that it would provide no real protection from whatever it was that lay in the darkness beyond.


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