Onwards... Pt 3

As the argument continued, the whooshing sound of a swooping figure flew through the sky, and Jeke immediately called the group into hiding. Luckily, the beast was passing, but whatever it was, it was making its way to Stonehall.

"Excellent call," commented Kain with a nod. "We must be wary though."

As everyone rose back to their feet, Kain listened to the weapon master speak once more.

"We must be nearing Stonehall," he said. He turned to others. "Do you know what you are up against?"

"Unsure, to be honest. Orders were to reclaim the fort, but nothing more. Chances of a dragon are possible, and hearing whatever flew above could be the proof we need." Answered Kain, watching the skies once more.

"Where's your horse?" Asked Kain, studying the area around him.

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