Fortress of the Mind - Part 06

5 days ago ...

There upon his throne of cold stone he was seated. His curse it seemed, to be aware always and yet ultimately to feel nothing. His dead heart unmoved and uncaring. Always watching… Always listening …Never again to know rest nor slumber and yet ever to want for still more.

How strange it was then that they should have come to be here in this his prison. This Fortress of the Mind but somehow they had as if by design … by his design perhaps though if it was he had forgotten the why.

First had come the elf child of who he had been surprised to discover was in fact an heir of his own bloodline. The very blood that carried his earthly legacy forward. Blood that had calling out to him at the moment she was nearest to death … a death he had seen fit to delay. After all one such as he never knew when he might have need of living descendant in the mortal realm.

Then the fey appeared … somehow drawn out by the presence of mortal among the undead host.

The pair somehow finding one another in the vastness of this prison and bounding like only the living can. There idol chatter for the moment at least an amusement that distracted him from his own dark thoughts in some small fashion. Fools yes without question, but his fools it seemed and yet ... Something here was different now.

Something had changed in the vastness of this nonexistance. He could sense it in the very air of his prison as if the shackles that bound him here were perhaps slipping.

2 Days ago ...

Odd it seemed that they both only appeared together.

The child often times the first to appear and than the other shortly there after.

Amongst the vast Host the there was silence for what seemed impossible lengths and than suddenly the two of them would return and there unceasing chatter with them the sound much like birds. Furtive glances towards his empty throne mildly amusing as they had minds enough to plot and plan their escape from this prison as if he was the one who had brought them here.

No wait, it had been him now that he thought carefully, It had been by his design ... The why however had again slipped his mind.

In their absence he had seen fit to test the unseen walls of his prison. Tests that had utimately cost him hundreds of the Undead host but a small price to pay in his opinion now that his own escape seemed was within his grasp.


Gone now from the throne perhaps but his sight was unrelentingly upon them, mostly upon the one called Orlaith Carling. Friend and companion from once long ago she was now not but a memory to him. A spectre of the past… a phantom image preserved here in this place for all time.

It was a marvel how their minds worked now that the pair had come together. The two together somehow freeing one another of the mindless terror that the aura of undead host seemingly generated.

The Lich watching as events play out at the table the pair unaware of his unending attention taking stock of their resources both magical and mundane.

Yes, something indeed was happening to the countless spells and wards that held this place together. The living spirits of the pair having somehow disrupting the fabric of this artificial reality of that he was certain but the how of it as yet escaped him.

Escape indeed, The pair was instrumental in this but again the why was unanswered.

Still, there was no mistaking the change to the very patterns of this his prison.

Something unseen but felt lingering in the very air. Something that would not allow him to turn his attentions elsewhere. Always his attentions drawing him back to the pair in a desperate hope.

It was in that moment of hope that a dark worm of anger filled his desecrated bones as he watched them … observing her.

The one who lead them to victory now seated with the child Ursa. And yet, she had not passed into the fade as the rest of her kind had after the purge. She alone who knew of his designs, of the means of obtaining his rule.

Why did she continue ?

There was a brief want to speak to her. To challange, to question, to torment her. But then suddenly the pair were in motion the moving with a purpose the child Ursa leading them away with a resolve like iron upon her soft features … The words he wished to speak it seemed would have to wait.

Joint post by Rosmary, Thean83 and D2wintr

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