Fortress of the Mind - Part 07

Orla surveyed the now less than crowded banquet hall with a curious gaze, wrapping her mind around the notion that things here in this seeming dream could be affected by events transpiring in the real world. "Yes, he may be battling against some foe or working a great magic. There is no way for us to know, but perhaps you can take advantage, Ursa. The hold this place has on you might be lessened..."

Ursa took a moment to think about what Orla had suggested trying to work out how it would even be possible before finally shrugging her shoulders. "No... I'm not really trapped here in any physical sense. This is all just a dream realm to me, but you ... your soul is actually trapped here, denied access to the Goddess and her embrace."

"I take heart that even as I am in oblivion, adrift for all eternity, I am still loved by Fernoia and always will be," Orla said, trying to put on a brave face.

Ursa gave a sad smile. "The problem here is that my knowledge of the dreaming realm is fairly limited. One of my brothers in the Order however has studied it in great detail. My hope was that I could review his journals upon my return to Warfall and perhaps find some solution to both our problems."

Orla was touched Ursa wanted to help her somehow and was disheartened at the loss of all her own not inconsiderable magic. In life she possessed a range of mystical psionic abilities, could wield portals on the Material Plane created by her people that connected one distant physical space to another, and even move through the veil betwixt the world of man and otherworld of fae, but in her present insubstantial state she could cast no such spells and had no access to any of her personal powers. Her knowledge of necromancy and dream magic was just as lacking.

"I know very little on the subject either, I'm afraid," Orla confessed. "If I were not trapped here and could join you in the world of the living, I could lay an Abjuration spell upon you to sever the link you have to this place, but you'd need to have such a spell cast on you each night, and so it would only be more of a treatment than a cure. What might be ideal is if you could consult a necromancer, but they were quite rare in my time, and are often of very questionable morals – but this is their field of magic, and one would also likely know how we might affect this construct and take advantage of this lull we’re seeing."

" I know some magics from the schools of Abjuration and Necromancy and while my Order did favor the Schools of Conjuration, Divination, and Enchantment. The truth is we were more of a martial Order so magic was not really as important a thing as say how well one handled a sword."

Ursa smiled somewhat embarrassed.

"Most of the magics I learned were taught as we went. A spell here a spell there as my Master saw fit to teach me or from books and tomes written by other members of the Order or acquired from those unnatural creations we tasked by the Church to deliver into final death.

Ursa sighed. "I spent my first two years in the Order just trying to learn how to read and if something was really important I was ordered to recorded it onto my skin so that I might call upon it later when it was needed… "

Ursa pulled her hand free from the fingerless gauntlets she always wore, intending to show the marks recorded on her hands and upper arms to Orla. Stopping short as she noticed for the first time that the marks were no longer simply black ink recorded upon pale white flesh but glowing patterns of differing colors and intensities some glowing as if blue flame lay just beneath her skin other green or red. The true symbol of the goddess, not the bastardized one the Church had adopted marked clearly upon the palm of her hand glowed the strongest casting a warm gold light for all to see.

A puzzled expression touching her features.

" Well this…" Ursa offered aloud. " This is indeed unexpected isn't it ? " She spoke clearly more in surprise at the discovery than anything.

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