Fortress of the Mind - Part 08

"A martial Order?"

Orla frowned. The followers of Fernoia eschewed direct conflict in favour of diplomacy and manipulation. Had the world changed so much as that in the years she had been away? Was there some pitched war occurring against the undead?

She knew of wood elves that wore face tattoos but marking one's flesh was unheard of among her own kin. She leaned forward in fascination as Ursa showed her the marks that glowed with an eldritch light and power. Orla's stare of curiosity turned to astonishment. "I don't recognise those spells; they're not of Fernoia, yet they seem divine and goodly in nature.”

Ursa starred in fascination at the glowing marks. " It might be my handwriting as silly as it might sound… " She admitted showing Orla the design on her palm. " This for instance is the true symbol of the Goddess and these are these smaller markings are the orisons which are the first bridge of miracles I learned to perform."

"This blue one is the Blessing of Water used to make Holy Water and this is the ritual for the Ever Burning flame to light your way in darkness and this to Purify the body, food, or drink."

Ursa paused thoughtfully." And these here are for summoning. This is for the messenger and this is for the Huntsman's Hounds and this white one here is for healing the body and this here is for Breaking your enemies spells such as ...

An uncomfortable expression crossed Orla’s face as Ursa described the clerical spells that were different and similar in many basic aspects to ones she had been taught that called upon the power of her goddess. She was aware that there were other deities and other religions, and of course, hers was not the only one in the world, but knowing was different than seeing.

“Such as what?” Orla prompted when Ursa paused.

Ursa's eyes grew wide as if she had just recalled something of great importance.

" It's a counter spell that uses the raw energy drawn from an opponent's own energies to disrupt or cause the spell they are shaping to backfire … " She offered the explanation clearly though it was obvious that her thoughts elsewhere. " Useful yes, but not what we need."

Ursa stood suddenly her hand grasping the seemingly ethereal matter of Orla's hand firmly in her own. " We need a mirror."


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