Fortress of the Mind - Part 10

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"Oh my," Orla said, her cheeks colouring at the absorption of this private tidbit from Ursa. At the same time, she felt a strong inward fascination with the other woman. They were similar but also so very different. She had had a much more sheltered upbringing, one free of the practicalities of the larger world that she would mostly only venture into as required by her holy duties.

When Ursa had divested herself of her upper garments, Orla was a bit taken aback by the utter lack of modesty, but her fascination only grew and she tentatively stepped forward to examine Ursa's bared back that faced the mirror. She winced at the collection of nasty wounds, imagining the pain they must have caused. Oh this poor girl, she thought sympathetically. The scars testified to a dangerous life and also to a tenacious spirit she could only admire.

Thinking it a shame how it marred so much more of Ursa’s pretty skin, Orla began to study all the tattooed writing. The spells were not written in Aetherian or Dalish but a language that was unfamiliar to her, though she did recognise many of the arcane symbols that were common to magical formulae no matter the language in which it was written.

"Do you really think so?" Orla asked, somehow unconvinced. “If I were spiritually whole I might be capable of casting some of them. I am, or, at least I was, a competent mage.”

They were both the same height and same slim build and she had to kneel down a bit to examine one spell that ran across the lower small of Ursa’s back. "What is this one?" she inquired, pointing at the glowing script.

" Let me see … " Ursa had to adjust herself to see the glowing red script Orla was pointing to. " It's called Sending, It allows you to send a message to anyone anywhere instantly. Very useful but the problem is you need to know who to send the message too and I have few friends remaining I can think of to call upon to aid us in this situation."

With her innate telepathy, a spell such as that was not something Orla would ordinarily have much need for, but bereft of all her abilities, it would be of great use now.

"Could you send a message to someone on my behalf? I happen to have more than a few friends, some of whom would move mountains to rescue us. My kin are very strong in magic, and there is one among them who is infinitely capable. One of, if not, the most powerful magic user in all of Aerán. Even our host would think twice before trifling with Avara Xaulder. Could you contact her, even if you don't know her yourself?" Orla asked, fearing the answer.

Ursa thought over what she recalled of the spell and how worked. " As I recall the spell does not require that I myself know the receiver so It could work."

Taking a moment, she studied the spell in detail before nodding her head. " As spells go it's fairly basic, it just requires time and a great deal of raw magic to cast. Truthfully, I think I can only manage this once if at all … Are you certain this Avara Xaulder is even still alive ?" Ursa frowned clearly not wanting to offend. " I mean you have been here a good while … longer than myself even."

Orla did not take offense and in fact smiled with great confidence, her eyes shining. "My kind are very long-lived, Ursa, and Avara Xaulder even more so. She is the Avatar of the goddess Fernoia, the manifestation of her divine spirit in the Materium. She has dwelt among my people long before I was born, and surely still does to this day. She can and will help us, if you can get word to her where we are."

Ursa nodded her understanding though it was clear that she was concerned about trying to communicate directly with the divine or even one of her earthly incarnations.
While she would never admit to it aloud there dwelled within her doubt as well as a long held fear that she was unclean and though the goddess had seen fit to choose her as one of her earthly vessels. She often questioned if such a flawed creation such as herself was even worthy of the divine graces much less her notice.

" Avara Xaulder it is... "

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