((Stonehall Territory, Warfall))

"Honestly," Jeke replied. "I have no idea. Barrel has not been around that many creatures..." He sighed . "Yes, you are correct. Though I have not and idea as to what wyrm it is. Perhaps we are overmatched, but we will have to try our best."

He stood, gesturing to the others. "Let us go. The master of Stonehall awaits us."

((Stonehall, Warfall Territory))

The rain was unrelenting in its pouring, a continuous heavy rain that only made it harder to see out of cover and hear any threats. However, that suited Kerron just fine as they cleared the trees, crouching low to survey with the others. The fort lay next to the river that flowed to the south, fortifications extending from ground to some distance on the other side. There, boats long rotten lay like skeletons.

He pointed to the front gate. "Look, the portcullis is down," Jeke said to the others. "And it seems the fort is closed tight." He turned to the others as lightning flashed in a jagged fork. "I have not been here for some time and you know the area better than me. What shall we do?"

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