Fortress of the Mind - Part 11

The spell itself was disturbingly simplistic for so powerful an Evocation. The spell itself requiring only a single candle and flame and the mirror itself. Ursa clearly prone to chatter narrating each step as she went mostly to keep things straight in her head.

" So we light the candle ... "

She stated simply as she held the candle before her pouting her lips and blowing softly a flame suddenly coming to life as if called into existence.

" Then we focus upon drawing the energy into ourselves and focusing it into the flame until it signals that it is ready. "

For the longest time nothing seemed to be happening but Ursa's focus and concentration was absolute. Sweat formed on her brow until at last the flame flickered and changed from yellow to bright blue and began to rapidly consume the candle itself.

" And then the message ... "

Ursa quickly leaned forward whispered the carefully worded message to the flame just as the last of the candle itself was consumed the melted wax covering her hand as she took a deep breath and blew out the flame. A trail of glowing smoke flowing into the mirrors surface and disappearing.

Orla had not felt such hope in what felt like so long and was filled with anticipation and a mounting excitement over the thought that Ursa was about to make contact with Miss Xaulder who would surely make everything right again. Orla imagined she would soon be freed of her empty existence and be once again back in the world of the living, breathing the fresh wholesome air of the Skeldergate forest. She beamed in happiness as Ursa verbally spoke of every stage of the Sending.

" And then we ... "

Ursa didn't have time to finish her last statement as the mirrors glass began to glow and angry red. It's surface vibrating violently before it exploded outward, showering the room with shards of broken glass.

Orla stumbled back away as the mirror blew apart, leaving her shaken and dispirited. “Oh no…”

For a time Ursa could only stare at the ruined mirror in surprise wiping the blood from her cheek where a shard of glass had cut her.

Orla turned to Ursa and said, pleadingly, "Please, you must try again. A spell such as this might not be able to work in this mindscape. There could be too much interference here. You must try again when you awaken in the morning in the real world, and then I'm sure it'll work just fine and you'll be able to reach her!”

" Orla, I'm so so so sorry… " Ursa said softly clearly shocked. " The spell worked, but the ritual .... the ritual instructions say the glass only cracks if the subject of the message does not exist or is ... or is dead."

Orla's mouth fell slowly open, the shock of these words silently hitting her. She shut her eyes and then reopened them: this simply could not be. She shook her head, disbelieving. "No," she said, in a faint, thin voice. "That's impossible. Avara Xaulder is the stuff of divine essence, an extension of Fernoia herself into the Material Plane. She has dwelt in Aeran since the Elder Days, before the first kingdoms of Man arose, even before the coming of the Elves. She cannot be dead..."

" Dead my dear. They are all dead … " The cold hollow voice of the Lich spoke as his towering silhouette filled the doorway of the room.


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