Night of Terrors - Part 01

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She hated to admit to it but it was fear that had kept her awake these last few days. Not so much the fear of the dreaming itself which was in all honesty pretty terrifying but rather a fear of having to endure seeing the pain in Orla's eyes and the harsh words that would no doubt follow.

Still Ursa knew she must endure if not for her own sake than that of her new found friend who needed her help to escape the prison she was trapped in.

And this time Ursa was going prepared into the dreaming having memorized every spell she knew and readied every weapon she could carry.

The only regret Ursa could think of as she lay in bed was not having had a good toss since she'd left the city. She considered briefly asking the wench in the Tavern if she was willing given the girl had the look to her but such amusements would have to wait.

Sleep coming almost as soon as Ursa closed her eyes …

The Banquet Hall was empty and not just of the Lich and his Undead Host but rather the hall itself was lacking everything from the tables and benches that had once dominated the floor to the great fire pit at rooms center which now lacked fuel or flame.

Even the air itself was empty of the stick of blood and rot that had once overwhelmed her senses.

Drawing her blade from its sheath she whispered the prayer for light and the blade responded coming to life with a golden glow of sunlight seemingly reflecting along the length of it.

It was than that a sense of dread filled her upon seeing the hall in this light. The memory of the last battle she'd fought here fresh in her mind the hall itself unchanged from that first time she had found herself there.

Taking the stairs she moved cautiously this time uncertain of what dangers might await and yet finding none.

Moments later she found herself back in the Hall of Ladies this time greeted by the sight of bare rock and dust until she came to the door of the room she had last seen Orla pushing the door open to find that unlike the rest of this place the room was as she recalled save the gilded Mirror had been restored and the glass cleaned from the floors and there in the bed lay Orla fast asleep.

Ursa frowned shaking her head as she kicked one of the bedposts sending a shutter through the bed. " Wake up Sleeping Beauty, I don't care how cute you are I'm not kissing you awake."


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