Night of Terrors - Part 02

Orla awoke with a jolt. She didn't know how long she'd been a sleep, nor did she quite understand how she could actually sleep inside a dreamscape without a body or a soul connected to a body, but the existential question was quickly forgotten as she heard Ursa's voice and saw the elven priestess standing there.

"So you fell asleep and then wake me up. That doesn't seem fair somehow," Orla said, trying for a lighthearted tone that seem incongruous with her saddened eyes. She sat up and got to her feet, smoothing her frock and her hair. She then warily looked around the room for a moment, as if to make sure the Lich wasn't lurking about, and noticed the repaired mirror.

"Galathus has such wonderful housekeepers. They're not lazy, the dead, are they?

" Honestly this room is the only one that remains close to as it was before. The rest is just …" Ursa shrugged. " Empty. "

Ursa sheathed her sword as she spoke.

" It's like the Lich has abandoned this place or at least cut it off from the rest of the dreaming. I came here ready for a fight and it's all …"

"Hmm, that is strange," Orla murmured.

Ursa shook her head. " Its doesn't matter. You need to think of someone to send your message too."

"The Avavar," Orla said automatically. "You must try to reach Avara Xaulder again."

"That didn’t go so well the last time. And if the Lich speaks the truth..."

"He can't be. It's impossible," Orla whispered.

"Humor me," Ursa said. "Choose someone else."

"There isn't anyone else. If you can't reach the Avatar..."

"There must be someone. You said you had more than a few friends."

Orla heaved a troubled sigh. "Very well. There is someone—we became the best of friends, and in that time he never ceased to surprise and impress me. His name is Horo Inu..." She shook her head, doubting he would still be alive.

" Horo Inu it is than… " Ursa nodded pulling a candle from the pack she carried and blowing on the wick until a bright yellow flame sprung to life at its tip." Here's to hoping he's not a godly Avatar as well. "

Ursa's focus had improved it seemed the flame shifting from yellow to bright blue as she spoke the message quickly into the flame and blowing it out sending the glowing smoke into the mirror where it disappeared.

Ursa was silent for several moments before she finally spoke. " It appears we were not only successful but your friend may in fact still be alive. "

" So what happens next ?" Orla Inquired.

Ursa could only shrug her shoulders. " I honestly have no clue. "


House Blackwood

Horo was sleeping in his bed when he heard something coming from the other room.

Pulling himself up, he went to the door that separates the rooms. He couldn't tell what it was but it sounded like a voice. But that wasn’t possible not here at least.

He pushed the door open slowly and looked in the room. Hearing the voice again Horo noticed it was coming from an object covered with a cloth tarp. An old ornate mirror.

“Sorry whoever you are. I don’t talk to cursed mirrors.” he said closing the door and locking it.


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