How...Marvelous, pt 2

[The Marvelous Maiden, Warfall]

"I suppose if it's anything like it was when I left." she said with a tiny shrug, "I've not been back in some time. Much to far to travel alone, and not much for me there." she added, as he put her coat over a hook on the wall, giving him a smile back. Her dress under it was strangely made. A thin brown leather corset affixed on the outside rather then inside giving her a thin but more hour-glass shape, a black cloth band under it just an inch or two longer then that leather on top that seems to be both for appearance and to keep the leather from digging into the skin, the rest of the number was white, though much shorter then a normal dress showing off her knee high leather heel boots with laces that went to the top. "Either way, it was very kind of you to help me." Jocelyn continued. "Could I offer you a cup of tea?" she asked.

She watched the man scanning the shop and scanning her. She didn't only sell dresses but she assumed he honestly didn't know her. At least from the way he was acting she was sure he wasn't messing with her just to make her feel bad.

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