Night of Terrors - Part 03

They waited for what seemed forever before the spells magic finally burned itself out. " It worked… " Ursa spoke softly. " but your friend did not or simply was unable to answer."

Ursa smiled. " The mirror didn't explode this time so he must still be alive somewhere at least."
"Horo, alive?!" Orla fairly shouted, as though it was almost too good to believe. "But... where?"

Ursa frowned. " How did I know you were going to ask that question."

Ursa didn't waste time rather she simply grabbed the mirror from the wall and laid it flat on the floor before digging into her pack and pulling forth a pair of iron flasks.

" Holy water … " She explained as she pulled the stoppers and poured its contents onto the mirrors surface where it pooled held in place by the mirrors thick guilded frame.

" Can you believe a bottle of this shit can fetch enough coin to keep me in bed and fed at a fancy Inn for a whole month? " She commented as the last of the flask's contents poured out onto the glass.

" Quo mihi hominem,locus,rem… Horo Ini? "

The words spoken Ursa took a blade from her belt and cut her palm letting her blood drip into the pool of blessed water. An image slowly taking shape.

" Well Shit !" Ursa cursed softly as the familiar Image took shape in the Waters.

"It seems you friend already knows who I am and is waiting for us at my childhood home."


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