Life Goes On

Erik at last returned to the Mountains Sorrow, his clothing returned and several deer over his shoulder.
As the giant walked towards the front of the forge, Thromgin looked up from his all night work with a sad grin. He always hated driving Erik off with his temper, but the oaf had deserved it this time.
“About time you made it back, thought I would have to sell all your useless junk.”
Glad to see the dwarves fury had been cooled, Erik laughed at the running joke whenever he wondered off, though he still made sure to check his trinkets and trophies.
“Figured you had had enough of my charitable nature, besides, figured we could make some venison.”
The sight of the deer brought cheer to the dwarves eyes, he loved venison.
“Well, you go and spoil your brother like this, I may let you piss me off more often.”
The two shared in a hearty laugh before getting to work preparing the meat.
A Custodian wandered near its creator, the mighty Phronesis, as it went about its business caring for the items gathered in his lair. Taking inventory was a task constantly performed, multiple Custodians wandering the vast cavern to make sure nothing was out of place.
The sphinx was distracted at the moment.
After contacting nearby sphinxes for council of what to do with the remains of the Mortis, he had soon noticed an irritating whine coming from the artifact. Whatever was contained within had tasted freedom and now sought to influence its surroundings.
For now, it was only an annoyance, he could still rest with no issue. Instead of taking his usual nap however, he kept a vigil on the party that had made it to Stonehall. He was surprised they had made it this far, but the being within still remained unknown to him.
All he could do now was wait.

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