Ginger, Roses, and Honey

[Marvelous Maiden, Afternoon]

He wanted to say, I could use some tea, though I don’t think it can be any sweeter than you, but he refrained due to avoidance of a forceful nature. Had it been anyone else he might’ve but this one had a sticky-sweet aura from what he could briefly sense. She seemed innocent and he did not want to make any uncomfortable conversation.

“Sure, I could go for a cup. Do you have honey-brew? That’s my favorite.” He seated himself on one of the soft chairs next to a lavish array of clothing on racks. That was a lie, a small price to pay for whatever image he wanted to keep in this woman’s eyes. He loved rose blossom extract in his tea. His ale. His water. His anything because of the high it gave the consumer and then fell into a calming sedative a few hours after. It was potent. He could never part with the stuff and he ran out so fast his withdrawals set in. He’d left the small vial of many in his room in an absent mind. Blasted thing.

The woman nodded and went off to boil a pot and left his eyes wandering once more. Her outfit was odd and he liked it. Had she made it herself? The craftsmanship certainly said so, but it was unique to her alone. He liked that.
His brain switched to what he was doing, here, there, or anywhere else. Sarala and him had only been travelling through on one of their many adventures into the world beyond. They didn’t know where they were going but they would end up somewhere. That was part of the thrill, Sarala always said. The not knowing and adapting to whatever situation.

For now, Rhys’ presence came with warm welcome and he wanted to keep it that way.

“I haven’t seen Courlimar yet. I’ll have to mark it on my map. Sounds splendid from what I hear, many things to do. Though the whole place is in unrest thanks to this new king of yours.”

“It was still restless last time I was here. You’re not from Sarnia?” She’d called delicately as she prepared the cup.

“That, my friend, is a long story,” he settled back into the chair with a sigh. “But if it entertains you, it entertains me too.”
Jocelyn brought over the steaming, ceramic cup and handed it to him gingerly.

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