A Warning of Danger

Rose had only just managed to force the door closed and slide the bolt into place for a second time when the door, much to her near terror flew open again this time allowing a Raven to fly into the main room and settle on one of the tables.

The bird looking back and forth for a moment before finally looking at her and much to her suprise speaking to her in an unknown and yet oddly familiar voice.

" Rose, Danger is coming, Tell Horo … Orla."

Rose took a moment to calm herself before realising it was a message and more importantly a warning of a coming threat.

" Danger is coming to Blackwood? " Rose whispered to herself marveling for a moment at the revelation before realization struck her and she ran for the back stairs her voice calling until it broke. " Severos! Horo! Awake, awake! Danger is coming. ."

Starting up the stairs without regard for noise she called out again and again until she reached the first door.

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