Something Deathly...

((Blackwood Manor, Warfall))

He returned back to his bed, disturbed somewhat by the odd noise. But perhaps he should prepare for his examination of the pendant. He remembered belatedly that he promised to teach Lily a spell today but he shook his head. He wasn't going anywhere until the storm let up.

He reached for his bag, fingers just grasping his spellbook when the very alarmed, very frightened voice of Rose sounded with her stomping rush up the stairs.

"Severos! Horo! Awake, awake! Danger is coming!"

He briefly thought, What now? He stood, tome forgotten as he opened the door. Rose pounded on it frantically before the latch moved, Severos opening with a concerned look. "Rose! Rose, calm down! What is wrong?" He said to her, clasping her shoulders to steady her. "What danger?"

When she spoke of the raven, he looked at her closely. An animal messenger spell? From the sounds of it, that's what had delivered --

Severos was left in astonishment of the sender as Rose hiccupped air in to breath. How did she... No, he knew it was impossible, this Orla was still in the pendant. How then was this message sent? He turned to look down the hall, to Horo's door. He turned back to Rose.

"Fetch Horo, I will assist y-" he started before stopping again, this time frowning. He thought he had just seen his breath. Only then did the mage realized the temperature was dropping, the windows now frosting upwards slowly but unnaturally fast. Both of their breaths came visibly, Severos feeling a growing dread at the cold.

"Rose, go get Horo now. And if this place has an attic, please get everyone in the manor there," he said seriously. He gave a flick of his wrist, the hawthorne wand appearing in his hand. "Go, now."

He started forward to the stairs with a walk of purpose. He was ill prepared for a fight, but what spells he had would have to do. He prayed to Azûth, Lord of Spells, Prince of Magick, please let my mind be clear, my spells strike true, and this over.

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