Flight to Blackwood - Part 01

Charging through the rain with Orla's hand in her own they had not even cleared the village square when the metal links holding the hissing ghouls back gave and the undead fiends surged forward in a rush.

Turning suddenly Ursa nearly tossed poor Orla behind her as she extended her free hand forward. The ancient symbol of the goddess recorded upon her palm glowing brightly as Ursa called upon its power.

" Bow you deathless dogs ! "

The rushing ghouls stopped dead in their tracks screeching in pain as they coward at the show of the power of the goddess. They were not turned however filled to overflowing the Lich's dark magics.

" Shit. " Was all she could think to say as she took flight again dragging poor Orla behind her.

" That won't keep them long." Ursa nearly screamed into the wind and rain so she could hear herself. " The Lich's magic protects them."

It was as they cleared the edge of the town starting across the open fields to the woodlands that Ursa stopped short turning to face her friend.

" We won't make it … Not together." Ursa suddenly spoke as the realization of the hopelessness of their plight set in.

" Orla, You have to go on without me. I can hold them here. Delay them perhaps for a time but once the magic fails ... I can't fight them and protect you at the same time."


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