[The Marvelous Maiden, Warfall]

Jocelyn nodded. "It's a fine place as long as your aren't alone." she said, "Oh and if you keep your coin close." she added. "The streets aren't wide enough for the people and with all the bumping during the early afternoon hours a lot of people get pocketed." She said dropping a tiny scoop of vanilla paste and small ball of cheese cloth full of tea leaves in his cup and adding water.

"As far as it goes I don't go back to often. To many bad memories, stories for another time." Jocelyn said hand resting on her pale chin. A small roll of thunder in the distance.

The two of them talked for a few hours. Jocelyn studding the man all the while. Eventually he finish his tea and began to stand to leave. Jocelyn grabbed his hand. "You should come back when you have free time. That coats fit is appalling a few adjustments I could make it fit like a dream"

Rhys nodded agreeing to return, and left in to the drizzle outside.

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