A lonely dog called Siro

Siro laid down under a table at the tavern to think. The tavern is his favorite place because from here he can see many humans. He has a big interest in humans. The way they speak, they walk, they act. For some reason he likes to watch them.
(Wry do I like seeing them, but have fear about them too? Is this normal?) He curls up and trembles a lot because of the cold weather.
(Sooo cold... my stomach hurts... I'm starving...)
Siro goes out of his little safe zone and looks for free food.
(I hate it, but I don't want to die...)
He's trying to avoid any body contact so nobody thinks 'hey, this is a cute dog! I want it!' And takes him. (No, there is no food on the ground... I need to risk it...)
So he goes to every table, wimpers and looks heartbreaking sad
(Plesae... I just want to have some food... or better, a blanket...) he gives his best not to cry, but under these circumstances he needs to use his lachrymal gland.
"I'll do everything for you, but please don't let me starve..." he whimpers in a dog lenguaue

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