A New Place

Alto tilted his head towards the sky, eyes closed as he listened to the soft rustling of the tree's leaves in the wind. In the tree he sat upon, leaves and branches swayed ever so slightly. The air around him was absolutely tranquil. After a brief moment, Alto lowered his head, pressing his quill to his journal's half filled page.

'I've been on the move for a while now, and if my map is correct, this point is a town called Warfall. I didn't plan on staying here long, it was close and I figured I'd check it out.'

Alto paused, then closed the journal, wrapping his ink and quill and putting both away.

"Enough for today." With that, Alto leaped from the tree. This village wasn't terribly large, but he was in such close proximity that he could make out the tips of the tallest buildings and columns of chimney smoke over the trees. Alto began to make his way through the small bit of forest in his way, emerging from the village-side and brushing any twigs or dirt off of him to look as presentable as possible. Ahead of him, he saw a group of four people, a place as good as anywhere to start, if not better. From here, he saw a peculiar looking orange-haired man, who notably wore no shirt and three elves. No, green skin, tusks, that one was an Orc. To Alto, it was always somewhat difficult to make the distinction. Where he had come from, there were not many non-humans, he had only seen a few, and to see such a varying array of people walking around was always exciting.

Alto put his arms behind his back before approaching, aware these people might not be quite as excited to meet him as he was to meet them. He saw the orange haired man turn...he was a man, right? The orange haired one had such a youthful face, Alto found it hard to attribute a reasonable age to it. He couldn't have been much younger than Alto himself, right?

He noticed the people seemed to all be in a conversation, and respecting this, Alto simply waved at the man looking his way and waited for the conversation to end standing about five or so yards away. The marks on his mask swirled slowly as he took in the rest of the village.

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