Queen of the Hall P1

Disclaimer: This and much more to come was long overdue, and I deeply apologize for my hiatus causing so much damage to this beautiful game.

[Fort Stonehall, Night]

The fort of Stonehall stood like a frosted giant against the mountainside and the clouds eerily encircled it like a devouring fog. At the base, they stood, basking in the glory of the fantastical site, unopened for what felt like ages, but was in fact only a few years. A small breeze passed by quickly, shaking the leaves, and unsettling the hearts of all whom were planning on entering.

“Now wait a minute, you’re telling me we’re against a dragon? They’re real?” Sarala quietly exclaimed to no one in particular. Her eyes read amazement and nothing but that. There were some strange creatures back home but there had only ever been stories of dragons, the flaming breath and sweeping tail, and she had to settle for the folklore. And so it seemed, no longer had she to wait.

"I guess so," commented Kain, staring down the entrance, unsure of what is to come.

"Scope the place out and get us inside, bird," one of the soldiers commanded Crow.

The small winged beast leapt into the air after glancing at his human perch with concern. He’d rather not leave her side again, though he could prove himself now! He wouldn’t mess up again. Sent into flight, he flew high into the night sky, eyes watching for anything that could give an advantage. Nothing but jagged rock, and solitary trees gripping onto what little surface could support them on the steep escarpment. He looked down on the forest below, surrounding the steep mountain slope. Its sinister yet slow shifting churning his stomach as he flew around to the far side of the mountain. As he looked back to his path, he only had moments to dodge a stone railing that was in his way, landing in an empty courtyard, still littered with remnants of training dummies and rusted gear. Regaining his bearings, he turned his gaze towards the entrance to the balcony, which consisted of a large door carved out of wood, coated with burn and claw marks. Noticing the doors wide open, Crow shifted his head side to side, and darted in the hold.

She was flying against the wind, although it was simply a light breeze. Nonetheless, she was racing home, only to check out the suspicions of trespassers. Her head shifted to the side, watching the trees below shake gently, caked in the moonlight. Suddenly, the smell hit her. People, and the bad smelling one. Warriors. She quickly turned her head back in the direction of Stonehall, nearly losing balance midair. But she regained focus, and with a fiery might, launched herself further in the direction of the Hall. If her unhatched is in danger, she would fight with what she had. This queen will never surrender.

Walking in, little could be seen due to the darkness, save for the slivers of moonlight coming from the cobweb filled windows which pointed out a path. Along with the open door that he came in from. That light was barely enough for Crow to see where he was going. He dare not fly since he had no clue as to what he could hit. He barely survived a landing on the balcony, but he didn't wish to try it again. It took him only a minute to walk to the other side of the room, and found himself at a crossroads.
Two hallways, one going left, and one going straight ahead. The large hallway to the left went on for at least twenty meters, before tapering and curving around a bend, the other one had a strange noise coming from it, possibly the sound of running water, and appeared to be a much more open route. So he decided to go left. Even though he was in a seemingly abandoned fort, there were still lights scattered around, not really torches, but small piles of wood and branches carelessly lit with a blast of flame, based on the burn marks on each wall. After walking around fifty meters or so, he was presented with a large, open room, where burnt paintings hung the walls, and the pillars were well carved.
On his right, was a large open area, with a pile of training dummies in the corner. At the center of the wall, sat a platform, where a trio of chairs, or at least a broken pile of them resided. Next to the pile, sat a lone, light brown egg, around two feet in diameter. It sat in a nest of burnt branches and ashes, keeping it warm. On the left, a stone carved railing lined the ledge which spanned across that side, although a large section was broken. Except for a gap about halfway across, which formed a small platform above the gap. As Crow flapped over, he could hear much louder the sound of water raging. Looking over the ledge, he saw the swiftly running underground river, which led to a small cave entrance. Surrounding the cave entrance, sat a massive, rotting corpse. The stench only hit now, and it was a surprise how no one noticed it before. A dead dragon, but it didn’t seem like the one they were looking for. This one was decomposing, it was dead for a good while, and that meant their foe was strong, because killing a dragon that size would require unfathomable strength.

And that mightiest dragon lived here.

(Caribou & Bug)

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