It was at about that moment that the blue haired Lyra and her pet Artemis came wondering out of the temple. She put her hand up to shield her eyes form the sun for a moment as the adjusted to the light. “ Good Morning Prestess, umm hi” she said to the other four starangers gathered. She was a little nervous about the strangers. She had known about the funeral and was working to help get redy for it. She had also been told that fresh air was good for her however she was silently wishing she had chosen another time to venture outside.

Artemis her campaign wimped at her side to get her attention. She smiled and set a hand on the black wolfs head. His green eyes scanned the group. He was silently trying to decide if these strangers were a threat or no. Lyra was glad that he was there she did not know what to do in groups like this so she simply watched quitely.

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