An Early Morning Pt 1

(OOC: Since I will be having a lot to post about, I will be making a two part post. I will get the second part done very soon.)
Jillian woke up in her quaint bed, to hear the sounds of the Crier spreading his news.

"I ain't climbing no mountains," she muttered, as she rolled onto her feet off the bed.

She clothed herself into her usual work-wear, and slid her shoes on. She had a few moments to grab her things for another day of work, when there was a knocking on her bedroom door.

"Jillian, ya coming out?" Called Claire from the other side.

Looking for any possible escape, she crawled to her window. She pushed the shutterss open, to be caked with the glowing luminescence of early morning sunlight. She carried her things in one hand, and held onto the wall of the house with another.

"One second!" She beckoned to her sister, as she balanced on the roof of the house. Hopefully Claire would fall for the ruse.

The plan worked, as she scaled down the side of the house, she looked for any signs of Claire. With the coast clear, she dropped to the ground, and began running as hard as possible. No questions this morning, no pressure, nothing.

Claire waited a few moments, knocked again, and after receiving no answer, barged in. She looked around the Jillian-less room, and smacked the wall. She peered her head out the window to spot Jillian a long distance from the house. With an growl, she slammed the shutters shut, and stormed out.

Before Bourbon could answer the sphinx, the gigantic beast flapped its wings, and soared away. He shrugged in confusion about what goes on in the sphinx's head. Truly a mystery to the human mind. He walked back into the bar, and noticed the newcomer from last night. Since Jillian was yet to arrive, he decided to serve her. He walked over with a smile, carrying a note-pad, since the mornings usually have bigger orders.

"What would you like today miss? Care to try our new Dragons Blood brew?

Kain woke up in the bushes once again. He barely recalled being carried home by the elf-man and the bar-maiden, but hadn't a clue what brought him out here. He reached around for his blade as he heard the town crier speak.

"The old fort? I could use some adventure," he groaned tiresomely.

Kain pushed himself to his feet, and started walking to where most of the quests were based, in The Hall of Voices. As he walked that way, he noticed a group of people talking, fishergirl, one of the priestesses with a wolf, Kuz, the elf-man from last night, and a strange man, one wearing a odd mask. He approached politely, and winked flirtatiously at the priestess, just cause he wasn't drunk, doesn't mean he can't pull some moves.

"Good morning, seems like a lively chat we have here," interjected Kain.

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