An Early Morning Pt 2 (Feat. Sprig)

Sprig decided to hop back into the woods.

"These people are freaky, flying cat-men, and stinky peasents." He grumbled.

Suddenly, the portal from where he cam sucked him up, and swallowed him whole. Bye Sprig, dont do anything stupid.

(OOC- LH will be back, but sadly Sprig will not. I could make a pun, but I dont want to, so yeah...)
(OOC- I realized I have less to talk about. So it will be a much shorter post.)
More news, a funeral? Sulla says intrigued. Most of his time was spent cutting trees, without the slightest care in the world. But these were the soldiers, the men and women he fought alongside. So it was for him to pay homage. He decided to make his way into town, to see how things were going.

After a hearty breakfast with his dear wife and child, Thri carried his pickaxe over his shoulder, and hummed an old dwarven tune as he made his way to the mines. Another day as usual, although he would be planning on attending the funeral, since he knew a few dwarves who had passed during his time serving alongside them in the war. He would also have to have a sip of that Dragons Blood.

It was an early morning, and Morgan was already working hard on the farm when the news came, of new ale, and the funeral. The other two tidbits didn't peak his attention. He was a homebody, and preferred it that way. He was caught off guard when he noticed the brunette lady running down the roadway.

"Must be in a hurry..." He mumbled to himself, as he watched the sheep.

He stuck his shovel into the dirt and wiped the sweat off his forehead. The sun was really heating things up.

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