Greetings and Runnings

"Dridione’s blessings be to you, Sir." Miri greeted Tei'ron in the common tongue. "What brings you to Warfall this fine morning? Did you by chance hear the announcement of our Cryer?" Miri was fidgeting with the corner of the small book in her hands.

Tei'ron gave her a bow of his head. He was not that familiar with this Dridione, although it was in his memory banks somewhere from decades long ago. "I came to pay my respects. I fought alongside many from this village." He didn't mention the parts about not wanting to return home, isolating himself out of shame, and just unknowingly brooding around Warfall.

The Wood Elf was about to mention the Stonehall group when Lyra and her wolf approached, freaking Miri out.

"Are you out of your mind, girl?!" Miri was shouting and screaming and there was some confusing conversation. Miri broke away from the group and fled down the street screaming at the top of her lungs. "There’s a monster loose at the temple. Somebody help me!!!"

Tei'ron was about to run after her, but he it wasn't his place. Eventually in the midst Kain had showed up, along with others. Tei'ron approached Kain, walking past the Iron Knight, giving a slight glance to the tall one. "Kain, is it?" The Elf stood and gave his standard head bow. "I'm Tei'ron." He stopped there, not giving his clan name. "I fought in the war, although it's been several moons since we last fought together."

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