Racial Discovery

[Warfall Town Square]

Alto finished his apple, covering his exposed boyish smile with his mask once more. The town was coming to life, and from where he was, it seemed like the process would last a while. He wasn't the only newcomer today. Alto noticed the two below him had yet to move and seemed to have entirely forgotten about his presence. Taking his eyes off of his surroundings, Alto let himself fall back, the pits of his legs working like hooks to keep him from falling from his branch. He dangled, his white and wild air hanging freely, just above the two, and the orange-haired one was especially close, so close Alto could make out most of his features, including...wait...

"You have fins?! Alto exclaimed, his eyes feasting upon what must have been the strangest combination of genes he had ever seen.

"But, how does a fish and a man..."

Alto's face marks rotated clockwise as the cogs in his head turned, trying to process this revelation. Alto allowed himself to fall, landing on his hands and legs, not unlike a cat of some sort.

"What are you?" He asked, his voice of pure childlike confusion, unaware of how one might take such a question negatively. His marks danced eagerly as he awaited an answer.

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