View of the Hall of Voices

(OOC: I only included Kain and I and the Crow, as I wasn't sure who all was walking in stride with us. But figured I'd give a tag for people to arrive and start the meeting.)

[Hall of Voices]

As people began to arrive, including Tei'ron and Kain, the Hall came into view more clearly. It was in a bit of disrepair, most likely from war and lack of a full complement of soldiers in town. But it was still brilliantly built, even for humans.

The Elf slowed his pace as they got towards the entrance and looked about, taking in the structure. He could tell much thought went into the building, defensively built but also with easy egress for large meetings and soldier deployment. And since Warfall was in an odd place in this valley, it was a good place for a small fort-like setting.

Tei'ron followed Kain and others inside, with a few voices already filling the open space. "This is a rather nice facility, given the rest of the village." Then again, from what he heard, Stonehall would likely be more majestic.

The Elf merely took in the scenery and made a mental note of all those who entered. And then that odd Skeldergate spoke his broken language.


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